1.If police starts simply listening to the common man's woes and taking sincere corrective action,more than half the country's issues will be automatically resolved.     2.Common man has a major role to play in protecting his family from becoming targets of terror attacks in future.3.Citizen policing is the only way going forward to achieve a crime,injustice and terror free society.4.Retired Citizens of all ages who have spent their life making a career or pursuing money should now join JNSS to come together on one platform to work towards  "questioning the system" and "getting it to work" for him,his family and the common man in general.
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It became a proud moment for all of us at Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS) when National Secretary Sh. Anjan Samal collected the coveted CNN-IBN Citizen Journalist award in the photo category; on the 13th of Feb. 2012 at Hotel Taj Palace, Delhi..

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