JNSS  provides the following services to the Common Masses across the country:-

(1)  JNSS guides / ASSISTS YOU IN FILING COMPLAINTS BEFORE VARIOUS ORGANIZATIONS irrespective of whether it’s a Private or a Government entity for eg: the MCD/BMC.


(3)  JNSS helps you CIRCUMVENT THREAT FROM RECOVERY AGENTS / Financiers / Rogues in your neighborhood.

(4)  In cases where you have already lodged a complaint with the Police / Civic Administration & NO ACTION has been taken by the authorities, JNSS INTERVENES EFFECTIVELY & DECISIVELY AND PURSUES the matter to conclusion within the legal framework.

(5)  In certain cases, if deemed fit JNSS SENDS ITS TEAM for investigation, intervention & representation of your cases.

(6)  JNSS files legally decisive RTIS ON YOUR BEHALF particularly in cases where you want to keep your identity undisclosed / hidden for security reasons.

(7)  JNSS provides necessary assistance to SENIOR CITIZENS & WOMEN registered with the Organization in matters of PERSONAL SAFETY, SECURITY OF THEIR PROPERTY & UPKEEP OF THEIR RIGHT TO A DIGNIFIED LIFE.

(8)  JNSS helps the poor Indians (the BPL Card holders) to seek FREE MEDICAL SERVICES particularly from cash rich private hospitals in their locality.

(9)  Since inequality in the society, the widening gap between the rich & the poor and lack of initiative & participation of the SOCIETY in uplifting the life on the street is the main cause of the RISING CRIME GRAPH in our country, JNSS helps the poor children to: (a) access quality education,  (b) develop competitive aptitude &  (c) inculcation of moral values.

(10)Since individual / collective ENCROACHMENTS often trespass on the rights of others or stifles the society as a whole and at times ENDANGERS HUMAN LIVES by blocking /choking passages of basic life saving services like an AMBULANCE / a FIRE BRIGADE; JNSS is ruthless in its action against ENCROACHMENTS  & ILLEGAL /UNAUTHORIZED CONSTRUCTIONS.

(11)JNSS dedicatedly works to secure the nation against terror attacks by conducting regular SECURITY AUDITS in moving trains, railway stations, Inter-state bus stands, busy markets & religious / entertainment hot spots besides suggesting to the Government of the day important policy shifts required, constitutional amendments & improvisations in policing from time.




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