To Secure your workplace (commercial complex/ market area)


                                     To secure your (children’s) place of study in 2 phases


                                          To secure your residential area/ neighbourhood.


1)      Putting together the feedback from the resident shop keepers /locals.

2)      Work on the Citizen’s feedback charter (FBC)

3)      Compile & submit a list of recommendations to the Police based on the FBC with copies to the CP    (Commissioner of Police) & MHA (Ministry of Home Affairs).

4)      Compiling  a list of employees  in a shop/residence & ensuring police verification has been done.

5)      Mapping the targeted area under scrutiny & plug all entry & exit points with alert citizen watch    dogs (comprising of regular workers, pan waadis, raediwallahs etc.) at these points linked    together with mobile nos.

6)     Put in place a localized CIN (Citizen Intelligence Network) to report suspects/suspected    activities to 1090.

7)      Put    in    place    a    localized    CART    to    be    backed    up   with   the   Zonal   CART   Squad
(Citizen’s Active    Response Team)

8)      Both the CIN & CART would be updated & registered with the Police.

9)      The CART would effectively respond to any situational crisis at any time & initiate immediate    damage control action much before the police arrives on the scene.

10)    The CIN shall continuously audit the Preventive /Security systems deployed & shall take it up with    the DCP of the area which shall if need be consequently be followed up at the CP & MHA levels by    the JNSS-Governing Body.

11)    The same would be followed up with onsite media conferences in which the DCP will be called to    answer the failure in adopting the recommended techniques which shall also be referred to higher    authorities to reward punitive actions to the responsible officer/s.

12)    If the above still does not yield results vigorous indefinite agitations in conjunction with the local    residents will be taken up against the responsible erring authorities till necessary corrective    measures have been put in place.


The above steps would also indirectly be directed at inculcating a particular level of sanity in the police system at the ground level i.e. starting with the beat constable & rewarding them on special occasions for dispensing their services with integrity.


Public Transport Systems (Buses/Trains) & Malls /Independent Shopping Complexes will be taken up in the 3rd & 4th phases respectively.



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