To apply for the position of the State President of his/her State, the following terms would apply:-
  1. One should be prepared to rise above caste, color, religion, language, region and political affinity / ambition and give utmost priority & credence to the “Spirit of Nationalism” by dedicating himself / herself mentally, physically & financially to this cause.
  2. He/ She should be atleast a Graduate ( and nothing less) in any stream of education and should be comfortable communicating through email.
  3. Should be ready to mix / interact in social / media circles in various Districts of his State and be ready to proactively take up social causes in his State. Should be mentally prepared to LEAD BY EXAMPLE.
  4. Only individuals who have taken up “Honorary Membership” for the year will be eligible for consideration to the post of the State President.
  5. An “Expression of Interest” in written form should be submitted before the National President for consideration to the post of the State President.
  6. An “Affidavit” should also be submitted by the Applicant promising : -
    (a) that throughout his tenure as the State President he shall strive to upkeep the Law of the land & shall not compromise or break it under any context failing which he / she may be discharged of his position as the State President with a simple notice from the President through Email / Speed Post
    (b) that he/she shall organize atleast 1 Jagruti Sabha (on a Self / Corporate /externally Sourced Sponsorship) every 2-3 months and this Sabha must be conducted each time in a different district of his State of jurisdiction. A minimum of atleast 4 Jagruti Sabhas should be organized within his /her tenure as the State President each one budgeted at nothing less than Rs 35000/-
  7. The Applicant should submit a security deposit of Rs 2.50 lac of which Rs 50000/- will be refunded to you each time that a Sabha is organized within your State. The refund will strictly be given only within 15 days after the bills, expense details, media reports, photo graphs & video CDs are submitted after the programme . Whatever amount lies unclaimed (in lieu of the Sabhas not conducted) shall be transferred to the JNSS Welfare Fund to finance the Central activities / Campaigns conducted by JNSS at National Level.
  8.  Various important responsibilities of the State President would include: -
    (a) Formation of the District committees,
    (b) Suggesting atleast 3 names to the Governing Body for nomination as District Heads,
    (c) establishing coordination among various District heads so appointed,
    (d) Overseeing the formation of various District Committees in your state, (e)Coordinating & ensuring the coverage of all the activities conducted by you on the local Electronic & Print media channels.
  9. It would be the responsibility of the State President to conduct atleast one of the many direct OUTDOOR promotion cum Awareness activities like Wall Painting putting up Flex exhibits besides hosting street plays within 30 days of the issuance of the Provisional letter of appointment as the State President / District President .
  10. It would be the collective responsibility of the State President & the District Presidents to set up Quick Reaction Teams in their respective states & districts respectively to counter cases of Injustice, Crime, Corruption & Terrorism as when deemed necessary as also to organize protests / dharnas in public interest within Constitutional means to pressurize the system /the police to act in the interest of the Common Man. This should be the priority for all State Presidents / District Presidents as JNSS is often the “last resort /hope” that the Common Man approaches in despair and the last make or break straw which the Common Man clings to; TO keep his faith intact in our democratic system.
  11. Tenure of the State Presidents , District Presidents and the Working Committees at various levels is usually 1 year unless the Governing body decides otherwise based on exemplary performance, capability to inspire team work, Organizational capabilities exhibited, Sincerity, philanthropic qualities put into practise, disciplined compliance towards the upkeep of the Vision, Mission & Objectives of the Organization .



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