• Q1. I am a social worker/ activist myself then why should I join JNSS?
    A1. Today whether you like it or not, social evils like Corruption, Crime, Injustice, Rape & Terrorism are waiting to engulf / target you or your dear ones but you may not realize it unless it comes knocking on your door. Usually it so happens that we do not take preventive action unless struck with a catastrophe and in India the rich & the poor alike can expect catastrophe to come knocking without intimation be it businessmen getting shot in broad daylight, woman being dragged out from her car in the presence of her family & being raped or a child being abducted purely for business purposes to be sold for prostitution or sexual abuse. It is in this context that protesting for change assumes massive importance. However you might have witnessed recently that many RTI activists or those who have been working individually for change have been targeted / murdered by politicians, the mafia and the goons. However it has also been proved that it is difficult to target those dare to voice their protests in groups or unitedly in an organized format. This is exactly what JNSS provides for all those who wish to lodge a protest or a complaint strongly. JNSS provides a mantle or a platform to protest fearlessly and the necessary backup of a responsible and fearless group working across the country helping each one of us to tackle daily real life challenges posed by the corrupt system, the non responsive police, any Government department or the neighborhood goon. This is precisely why one must join JNSS even if he or she is an activist himself /herself.

  • Q2. How is JNSS different ?
    A1. Firstly it is important to understand that JNSS is a NON POLITICAL , NATIONALLY REGISTERED Voluntary Organization working to get the corrupt & the rusted system to respond to the needs of the common man. It is unfortunate that nothing in our country moves until pressure is stepped up or the system is coerced into doing welfare for its citizens. This is the bottom line on which JNSS operates. JNSS not only helps lodge a complaint but also follows it up effectively & strictly through phone calls, notices issued on behalf of the victims, filing legal RTIs and setting up physical meetings with the concerned authorities. This follow up is done till the aggrieved person, company or Organization gets his/her right & justice is delivered to him / her.

  • Q3. Anna Hazare ji was seen sitting holding JNSS placards at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi in almost all the newspapers of India of the 6th of April 2011 & also in other national & international periodicals and electronic media channels; How is JNSS connected to ANNA ji?
    A3. This happened because before anyone believed in what ANNA ji was trying to achieve for the country JNSS was the only Organization which believed in him & his sincere attempt to achieve a Corruption Free India.

    We were the only organization which went prepared to support the anti-corruption movement selflessly & without any hunger or want of credit as we strongly believe that there is no shortcut to achieve what ANNA ji has achieved after rigorous years of selfless service & sacrifice for the nation.

  • Q4. If that is the case then why was JNSS not seen in the 16th August Ramlila ground demonstration or other future programmes of Anna ji?
    A4.JNSS as an organization was in strong disagreement with the 16th August 2011 Ramlila ground demonstration of ANNA ji as the government had already agreed to take up the LOKPAL bill in the winter session by then also JNSS had written to Ms Kiran Bedi & the IAC, however the publicity hungry IAC team chose not to respond or withdraw their RAMLILA ground demonstration which later on proved to be a flop, as it achieved nothing. Also we were strictly against the Mumbai demonstrations which were held parallel to the Winter Parliament session which was absolutely wrong. We had wanted that ANNA ji should have waited for the Winter session to be over and then taken on the Parliamentarians if they did not perform. However the IAC team riding on a high wave of popularity thought otherwise which led to the Mumbai fiasco.

  • Q5. Was ANNA ji right in going after the congress party in Hisar & elsewhere?
    A5. NO ! We believe that Anna Hazare sahab seriously erred in going after the Congress infact he should have openly gone after every corrupt politician irrespective of his/ her party. Infact the war against corruption got diluted irreparably through this absurdity which ANNA ji indulged in.

  • Q6. JNSS started off mainly as an anti-terror organization but in recent times JNSS is being seen handling various issues other than terrorism; is there a shift in JNSS strategy?
    A6. Terrorism is the key focus area for JNSS and it regularly conducts audits, campaigns, dharnas etc. from time to time in various parts of the country to ensure that acts of terrorism are reduced & eventually completely eliminated as the society becomes more alert & responsible. However, realizing that the common man (rich & the poor alike) often find themselves at the receiving end of a highly corrupt & insensitive administration JNSS decided to involve itself in all such activities through which it will be able to restore dignity to the life of every Indian in all spheres be it in matters related to the Civic administration (like bad roads, drinking water supply, electricity issues, hospitalization, shelter, encroachment & right to education) or in matters related to bad policing. It however doesn’t mean that we have shifted from our key focus area, it is just that we have expanded our areas of interference, audit & monitoring according to the need of the hour.

  • Q7. How can I associate with JNSS or its activities?
    A7. To associate with JNSS you need to become a Registered / Executive / Honorary member of JNSS.
  • Q8. Who can become the member of JNSS ?
    A8. Any Indian citizen above the age of 14 who can contribute mentally & financially OR physically & financially can become a member of JNSS.
  • Q9. What benefit do I have in becoming a member of JNSS?
    A9. Please refer to the page “Join as Member” the benefits in respect of each membership is explained in detail for your understanding and consideration.
  • Q10.Why does JNSS not take Grant/ Funds from the Government?
    A10. JNSS basically operates around the central theme of coercing the corrupt system to respond to the needs of the common man however accepting funds from the very system that we pursue or go after may at times compel us to shift our focus or priorities to suit some external agenda which may not be in the best interest of the common man. This is why we fund ourselves solely from membership subscriptions & membership renewals.

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