About Project JBA  

JAGRUK BHAVISHYA KI AOR (JBA) is an initiative of Jagruk Nagrik Suraksha Sangathan (JNSS)  to empower the children and youth belonging to the deprived & often discriminated section of the society, through the tool of education.


  • 1)Project 'JBA' has been initiated with the primary mission of PROMOTING EDUCATION AMONG THE UNDER-PRIVILEGED through PERIODIC SCHOLARSHIPS rewarded on the basis of the child's ATTENDANCE & his/her ACADEMIC PERFORMANCE.

  • 2)However besides the above, WHAT IS UNIQUE ABOUT JBA is that it shall also work to ensure that the goodies promised through various policies announced by the Govt. of India & intended for the under-privileged are indeed delivered to them which is not the case today. Under this ACTION PLAN we shall be taking this a bit further by trying to improvise the condition of Government Schools through regular inspection & pursuance through RTI, RTE & Neighbourhood partnerships.

  • 3)As a ADD ON to the above, PROJECT JBA also PROMOTES EMPLOYMENT TO THE YOUTH by facilitating VOCATIONAL TRAINING to these youth from the most VULNERABLE SECTIONS OF THE SOCIETY who are otherwise most likely to take up CRIME as an option for survival. Hence JBA also contributes towards creating a CRIME FREE SOCIETY.

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Why JNSS (an Organization working against Crime, Injustice & Terrorism) thought of promoting education & vocational training to Children in the slums or those from the poor sections of the society?

During the last 3 years that we spent working both at the grass root level & at the policy level to tackle crime & terrorism, it dawned on us that neither of these can be removed as long as we have a majority population of the most deprived in terms of food, education & shelter within our state most of which resides in Slums are also considered as the core and habitat of criminals, thieves, snatchers, druggists etc. But here it needs to be understood clearly that why a child born in the vicinity of slums becomes a criminal and if not, seen by the rest of the society as a potential criminal. Research by various global organizations have concluded that Education is that most important and contributing aspect that can change perceptions, attitude & the outlook of this deprived lot through which they can persuaded to adopt a decent & dignified way of living than to submitting themselves to drugs, prostitution, begging , snatching etc. In fact education alone is the only insurance to transform today’s society. It is also seen globally as an important weapon to reach the overall goal of social and economic development. Hence we decided to take up the cause of "empowering" the most vulnerable sections from within our society and for that we decided to help EDUCATE THEM NOT ONLY ACADEMICALLY BUT ALSO WITH SOCIAL MORAL SKILLS & ALSO OFFER VOCATIONAL TRAINING TO THE YOUTH FROM THESE POCKETS.

Considering the fact that there has been a RAPID INCREASE IN CRIME across the country almost all of which could be attributed to a rapid decline or lack of more MORAL VALUES as much as to MEANINGLESS POLICIES & HIGH COST OF SURVIVAL, JNSS decided to approach its fight against crime, injustice & terrorism also from a different angle. We thought WHY NOT CUT OFF THE MANPOWER SUPPLY LINE TO THE WORLD OF CRIME & TERRORISM which "mainly" comes from the most vulnerable sections of our society who are neither able to live a dignified life nor are able to even dream of simple luxuries.

Hence we decided to attack the problem from both sides i.e. from the POLICY SIDE offering suggestions for the right policies & the PRACTICAL SIDE by EDUCATING, TRAINING & EMPLOYING THE children/youth from the most vulnerable sections of the society WHO WOULD OTHERWISE MOST LIKELY TAKE UP CRIME, RAPE, ROBBERY & TERORRISM at the first available opportunity. This way we will be able to divert THESE DOOMED SOULS WHO CAN ALSO ENDANGER US & THE SOCIETY IN GENERAL TOWARDS a POSITIVE DOMAIN.

ACTIVITIES CONDUCTED under the JBA PROGRAMME for the EWS children/youth : -

  • 1. JNSS MOTIVATES the parents of EWS children living in our SLUMS to send their children to schools so that they can at least stand the chance of a better future instead of adopting the bad world of ARMS, DRUGS & CRIME

  • 2. JNSS GETS such children admitted into good municipal / private schools vide PERSONAL INTERVENTION & the RTE ACT if required.

  • 3. JNSS PROVIDES them compulsory incentive based moral education classes supported by various training associates, groups & forums

  • 4. JNSS AWARDS these children with Attendance, Austerity & Performance based scholarship

  • 5. JNSS TRAINS them vocationally each according to his taste, attitude & inclination.

  • 6. JNSS MOBILISES regular skill & PLACEMENT based training workshops for the EWS YOUTH.

  • 7. JNSS PURSUES Govt. policies already in place for timely delivery to the right pockets.

  • 8. JNSS PRESSES for the right policies with the concerned authorities wherever a need is felt for one.

  • 9. THE JNSS EXECUTIVE TEAM OF HIGHLY EXPERIENCED STALWARTS (mainly officials retired from respectable position in the society & who have maintained unblemished years of service) AUDIT & MONITOR the progress.

TO PARTNER with the cause ( Who can participate?):
ALL considerate & sensitive Organizations (national & International) and Indians living in India & Abroad who want to CONTRIBUTE TOWARDS CHANGING INDIA RESPONSIBLY THAN JUST doing wishful thinking can participate in the following 2 ways: -

  • 1. ACTIVELY - by participating PHYSICALLY & FINANCIALLY or

  • 2. PASSIVELY - by only FINANCIALLY FUNDING OUR VARIOUS PROGRAMMES & contributing regularly
    For more details please write in to jba@jnss.in or call Karan Sachdeva (Project Head) at +91-74285-55552

The Annual Budget for the JBA programme in the Delhi-NCR region for the Calendar Year 2013 is Rs 60 Lacs ; Wherein 3000 students studying across 100 Government schools in the Delhi-NCR region will be covered & adopted under this PROJECT.

TO DONATE* for the cause:
& send it to: -
JNSS Head Office: B-134-136, AMBEDKAR COLONY,

deposit cash into our Account no. 0120002100745219 with PNB

(All donations are exempt from Income tax u/s 80G on the Indian Income Tax Act)

It is our most noble intent that we should be able to deliver Engineers, Doctors, Advocates, IAS & IPS officers from these under privileged & discarded sections of the society.



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